Forced Induction

Get higher power output and increased fuel efficiency with a forced induction system. Performance Garage offers you the best kits for a perfect performance mod. Step up your game with a horsepower difference you can truly feel. 

Turbochargers and superchargers as well as nitrous kits for a temporary boost are available. We carry a large selection of aftermarket forced induction system components and parts. Additional supporting mods that can help you maximise your ride’s power potential are likewise part of our inventory. You can count on Performance Garage to provide you with the things you’ll need for turbo tuning, twincharging, and setting up of boost controllers.

To help you ensure that your engine won’t be damaged with a boost that’s more than what it can withstand, we also have parts and components for upgrades necessary before adding forced induction. Performance garage carries exhaust systems, performance fuel injectors, struts, coil springs and other suspension components. We have intercoolers that will keep compressed air cool and blow-off valves that will give your car an irresistible audible charisma. All of these are necessary to fine-tune the effects of a new and more powerful system. 

We do have complete kits, too, that carry all parts necessary for working with forced induction. Of course, prices start at a very reasonable cost. 

Shop for performance parts today, feed your engine with more power and satisfy your need for speed.

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