Fans & Components

Providing you with the highest quality cooling fans and components, you can rely on Performance Garage to help you keep your car running as it should and as you’d want it to. 

The fan is an important part of a vehicle’s radiator. Without it working properly, the tremendous amount of heat and stress your car is subjected to will become dangerous for your automobile and for you, too. It is important that you ensure the good condition of your coolant fan to avoid bigger and more expensive problems like engine replacement.

Shop at Performance Garage for replacement radiator fans and cooling components. Find direct-fit and universal radiator fans and high-performance cooling fans, too. We have easy to install fans guaranteed to fit any vehicle. You can also find cooling system spare parts and components including model-specific fan shroud kits. 

With a properly working fan, you get to keep your engine running cool and at the same time extending its life.

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