Brake Hubs

An important trailer part responsible for stopping your trailer safely and dependably, the brake hub must always be kept in tip-top condition. If the magnets get really hot or get worn, you will need to find a replacement hub. Excessive heat and excessive wobble both indicate a need for brake hub replacement.

When selecting a replacement part, choose one that is compatible with your existing bearings. It’s best to determine the inner and outer bearing numbers and verify the stud diameter.

Shop at Performance Garage for brake hubs used on trailer axles that have mounted brakes. We also stock a large selection of bearing kits and component kits. We likewise offer individual car parts, spares, and accessories to suit a range of trailers.

Order the parts you need online and have it delivered straight to your door. Conveniently shop for brake hubs, brake drums, and brake cables in different lengths and finally complete any trailer repair, replacement or upgrade work.  

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