Brake Components

You can’t have broken brake parts.  Can’t stress that enough. So, the moment you find your brakes squealing, grinding, or sticking, have them checked. Loose, worn, or broken brake parts must be replaced immediately.

Lucky you, you can easily find the brake components you’ll need right here at Performance Garage. We have a wide selection of replacement parts that make up an automotive brake system.  Brake pads, caliper, brake piston, dust boot, locking bolts, mounting brackets, shims, pins, and clips – you’ll find these at Performance Garage.

Need brake assembly kits? We have those, too. The automotive parts and components you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely are available at Performance Garage. As a premier online marketplace for car enthusiasts, we stock a variety of automotive parts and accessories to meet your every need. We make sure that the high-quality components we offer will meet our customers’ high expectations. Shop today and discover premium automobile spare parts at unbeatable prices!