Brake Boosters

Shop at Performance Garage for brake boosters tested to every extreme. We only sell products that meet today’s standards for automotive safety.

A brake booster is designed to reduce the amount of pedal pressure necessary for braking. You can still drive without it but you can drive better and safer with it, especially during emergency stops. If you notice that your brake pedal is stiffer than usual or much harder to depress, you may have a bad brake booster.  Increased braking distance and slow pedal return are also symptoms of a brake booster that needs replacement.

Easily find a replacement brake booster right here at Performance Garage. We have brake boosters in multiple diameters, in single or dual-diaphragm designs, to fit different applications.

Our wide selection of aftermarket car parts and components includes reliable spare parts, replacement parts, and upgrade kits that will allow your ride to deliver a safe and consistent performance on the road. Bolts, brake lines, vacuum hose and other brake components are likewise available. 

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