Balancers & Dampers

Think you have excessive engine vibrations?

Are your timing marks misaligned?

Is your harmonic balancer separated?

Engine belt’s squeaking?

These are early signs of probably more serious problems on your harmonic dampers and your engine.

An issue in your harmonic damper can cause damage on your engine which may later lead to engine failure. Don’t let your harmonic balancer become too old or don’t wait for it to completely fail before you replace it. Save yourself from all the hassles by considering an upgrade.

You not only take your car’s safety to a better level, you also get to upgrade its performance.

Driving at high speeds requires harmonic dampers at peak condition. Harmonic dampers absorb and reduce the vibrations and serve as pulley for drive belts. High speeds result to more vibrations. So to live the high-speed life, you must remember not to let your engine suffer.

We have damper upgrades for Nissan, Mitsubishi, Ford, BMW, Holden, and other car brands. Maximize your engine’s life and use only the best harmonic dampers in the market. Shop now!

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