Access Drives & Pulleys

 Looking for automotive performance pulleys? You’ve come to the right place. We stock a large variety of access drives and pulleys that will allow you to optimise your ride’s performance. Give your vehicle more boost by swapping the upper pulley or the crank pulley.

Swapping the upper pulley on the supercharger with a smaller one will require more work but this option that will increase the speed of the supercharger will cost you less. Swapping out the lower crank pulley for a larger one, on the other hand, will lessen the likelihood of belt slip plus it’s an easier task to do.

Performance Garage offers you a wide selection of pulley-treatment options that can help you get the performance and reliability that you desire. Pulleys, belts, kits, and tools are also available so you can easily accomplish a mod. Aftermarket replacement parts for water pump pulleys, billet belt tensioners, and other pulleys are also available.

Shop at Performance Garage today for the best quality automotive tools and supplies at the best prices.

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