Red CentreNats 2023

Red CentreNATS 2023 in Alice Springs promises automotive enthusiasts three days of thrilling races, dazzling parades, and unique attractions. Enjoy events across various venues, from dragways to parks, and explore local Alice Springs attractions. Secure tickets now for a front-row experience.

Fuel your Passion at Red CentreNATS

Brace yourselves, automotive enthusiasts! Red CentreNATS 2023 is revving its engines and ready to scorch the tracks of Alice Springs Inland Dragway and Blatherskite Park. If your heart beats to the rhythm of roaring engines, this year's show during Father’s Day weekend is a must-attend!

What Dates Is Red CentreNATS 2023?

1 - 3 September 2023.

Ticketing Breakdown

  • 3-Day Chrome Pass - $75: Dive into the full Red Centre experience spanning across three exhilarating days. Indulge in the show cars, burnouts, drag races, and the iconic Motorvation Super Cruise. And guess what? Kids under 13 come in for free! BUY TICKETS
  • Friday General Admission - $39.99: Gear up for a sensational day that begins with scrutineering at Lasseters, leading up to the thrilling Burnout Masters qualifying as dusk sets in. BUY TICKETS
  • Saturday General Admission - $39.99: Your ticket to automotive nirvana. Witness the Heavy Hitter drag racing action, experience the beauty of Show ‘n’ Shine, and be part of the riveting Yeperenye Shopping Centre Street Parade. Plus, 2023 brings a new surprise – a race track open to anything with two wheels! 
  • Sunday General Admission - $39.99: The final day promises a road to the Grand Champion, the Lasseters Tarmac Time Trial, the Burnout Masters Finals, and much more. As the sun dips down, join us for the Podium Party and Awards at Lasseters to wrap up your unforgettable Red CentreNATS journey. 
  • Platinum Pass - $275: Want to elevate your Red CentreNATS experience? Our Platinum Pass is tailored for enthusiasts who crave the luxury lane. From dedicated express entries and parking, an exclusive merch kit, to early sneak peeks, this pass is the embodiment of VIP treatment at Red CentreNATS 2023. 

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Delve into Red CentreNATS

Every year, Alice Springs is transformed into a hub of automotive splendor with the three-day Red Centre Nationals (Red CentreNATS). The town comes alive with the roar of engines, a dazzling street parade, and enthusiasts proudly flaunting their polished chrome bumpers. If this revs up your excitement, it’s time to book your tickets and accommodations early for a spot in the front row.

What's On The Menu?

Racing Galore: Whether you're an all-wheel, two-wheel, or four-wheel drive enthusiast, there's something for every speed lover. The Alice Springs Inland Dragway becomes the epicenter of thrilling races, featuring intense quarter-mile passes and a burnout pad - where tires meet their smoky end.

Shine Bright at the Show 'n Shine: At Blatherskite Park, marvel at meticulously maintained engine bays and interiors during scrutineering. The streets of Alice Springs then resonate with the parade of modded and performance-packed vehicles. The grand finale? A celebratory evening at the park where champions earn their crowns.

For The Adventurous: If you're looking to go off the beaten path, test your skills on grass driving and embark on four-wheel-drive courses. For spectators, Lasseters Centre of Entertainment's autocross course promises edge-of-the-seat moments.

Stay and Explore

Alice Springs offers a myriad of accommodations suitable for all budgets, some even boasting secure parking for participants. But Red CentreNATS isn’t just about cars and bikes. Stretch your legs with trips across the scenic East and West MacDonnell Ranges, indulge in sunrise hot air balloon rides, or immerse yourself in the culture at Alice Springs Desert Park and local museums.

Red CentreNats 2022 Highlights


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