Every F1 Record Max Verstappen Broke in 2023

The 2023 Formula 1 season will go down in history as the single most dominant season by a driver in the history of the championship, and there's a few records in here that are more than likely to stand the test of time.

The 2023 season has been dominated by one team and one driver. Red Bull's RB19 piloted by Max Verstappen, has shattered numerous long-standing records. 

Here are all the records Max and Red Bull have broken in the 2023 FIA Formula One Season.

Record CategoryVerstappen's 2023 RecordPrevious Record
Most wins1915 - Verstappen (2022)
Highest win percentage86.36%75% - Alberto Ascari (1952)
Most consecutive wins109 - Sebastian Vettel (2013)
Podiums2118 - Verstappen (2021)
Most consecutive points scored1,004998 - Lewis Hamilton (2018 - Bahrain 2020)
Most points in a season575 out of 620454 - Verstappen (2022)
Highest percentage of points in a season92.7%76.17% - Verstappen (2022)
Most laps led in a season1,003 (out of 1,325)739 (1,139) - Vettel (2011)
Highest percentage of laps led in a season75.70%71.47% - Jim Clark (1963)
Most wins from pole in a season129 - Nigel Mansell, Vettel (1992, 2011)
Most races left before winning title6Equal with Michael Schumacher (2002)
Most Sprint wins in a season43 - Verstappen (2022)
Most consecutive races as championship leader39 - ongoing since 2022 Spanish GP37 - Schumacher (2000 United States - 2002 Japan)
Most points between first and second in the championship290 (575 vs 285 for Sergio Perez)155 - Vettel over Fernando Alonso (2013)
Highest percentage of points between first and second50.43%48.1% - Mansell and Jacques Villeneuve (1992 and 1997)
Longest streak of converting pole position into win1615 - Verstappen
Percentage of races finished in a season100%Various
Percentage of laps completed in season100%Equal - Schumacher (2002), Hamilton (2019)
Most pitstops by a winning driver in a race6 - Dutch Grand PrixEqual with Jenson Button (2011 Canadian GP)


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