You've Never Seen A Caddy Van Like This!

An 1100hp RS3 engine swap makes this Caddy the ultimate tradie van!

The Volkswagen Audi Group - whilst having one of the worst acronyms in the automotive market - are blessed with one of the most outlandishly exotic and diverse parts bins. 

Think about it, your average VW Golf has distant relations to Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini and Bugatti, and as if that wasn't enough, arguably more than half of those brands are passionately supported in the aftermarket wIth a range of tuning and enhancement parts to extract even more oomph.

As such, the Caddyworks Cornwall Caddy van is stacked to the hilt with the best bits from some of the marques leading brands, including the 2.5L engine sourced from Audi’s RS3 mated to the front and rear diffs from a Mk VII Golf R.

The result is an 1100hp tool hauler that’s one of a kind!

Of course, none of the components simply slotted straight in, nor have they gone in without substantial strengthening and modification. The Audi engine has been forged to handle the pressure supplied by the Precision 76/75 turbo along with a host of other sweet bolt-ons like a twin fuel rail Audi Motorsport intake manifold, a giant Garrett intercooler and a water/methanol kit for added cooling of the intake charge.

The Golf R that donated its diffs and gearbox in fact donated the entire floor plan, and the driveline is just as beefy with an upgraded DCT gearbox as well as Wavetrac diffs front and rear, and the underside of the crafty Caddy is littered with upgraded suspension parts to help rein in the furious Audi five cylinder.

Outwardly (and how often do you get to say this) the Caddy is a really neat - perhaps even ‘cool’ - looking thing. The side and rear doors are carbon fibre (because of course they are!), finished in a classy grey hue with matching Oz Racing wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S rubber.


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