This SS Commodore Is A Big Boosted Radial Fiend!

An absolute masterclass on building the perfect second generation Commodore street car.

I keep a keen eye on the modified Commodore market, which is why I can say with a fair degree of confidence that this is one of, if not the best VS SS ever built.

The VR and VS SS Commodores might just be the last of the ‘muscle car’ era of Commodores, which sounds like a strange thing to say about a plastic bumper Commodore, but hear me out.

Their successor, the VT, was the first on the third generation platform and while owners of sun-ravaged Tiger Mica VT and VX Commodores will tell you their cars are special too, they just don’t have the same spark as previous generation Commodores.

We’re getting far from the point though, and the point is that TIMES UP is a perfect example of how to build the perfect Commodore (nay, street car) in this day and age - no sacrilegious additions to the timeless exterior, a neat custom trim that pays homage to the factory SS cloth trim, enough suspension geometry to confuse an engineering grad’ student and sufficient power to turn the earth on its axis thanks to a boosted LS combo’!

Pieced together by the team at Spot On Performance, the SS boasts all the radial tyre suspension trickery that you might expect from the team, who are well known for their drag racing exploits. Extensive cage work, chassis connectors and a 4-linked rear end tucking giant tyres up into those cavernous tubs all hint at the car’s insane power potential, and ultimate goal of 7sec slips.

The combo’ itself is tried and tested. The LS engine weighs in at 403 cubes and is fed by a G57 turbo that scoops cool air from the factory air dams in the front bar. It’s backed by a Powerglide gearbox and a 9in diff in the rear.


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