The Norwegian Outlaw: A Road-Legal Porsche 917 Recreation

Explore the journey of Canute, a Norwegian car enthusiast who built a road-legal Porsche 917 recreation. Discover how passion and skill turned a dream into a driving reality.

Norway, a country renowned for its fjords, Vikings, and Northern Lights, is not exactly the first place you'd expect to find a road-legal Porsche 917. Yet, nestled in this picturesque landscape is Canute's labor of love—a road-legal recreation of the iconic Porsche 917, complete with Gulf Livery.

Canute embarked on this ambitious project back in 2013-14, initially starting with a replica frame that was eventually discarded. The final build, which was completed last year, took over 10,000 hours of meticulous work. The result? A car that not only looks the part but also offers a driving experience that comes close to the real thing.

While the original 917 boasted a 12-cylinder engine, Norwegian road laws required Canute to opt for a more modest power plant. The car is fitted with a custom flat-six twin-turbo engine, generating a conservative 300 horsepower for road approval. However, unleash this beast on the track, and it can churn out over 400 horsepower and nearly 600 newton meters of torque.

What sets this recreation apart is Canute's painstaking attention to detail. From the tube frame to the pedal cluster, every element has been carefully crafted to mimic the original as closely as possible. Even the start procedure in the cockpit stays true to the original, with switches that need to be pushed in to start the car.

Driving this 917 recreation is unlike anything else. The laid-back seating position, the tight pedal box, and the delicate G50 gearbox all contribute to a unique driving experience. The car has already seen track action and clocked speeds of up to 240 km/h, all while weighing in at a modest 1000 kilos.

When asked if he would undertake such a project again, Canute's answer was a resounding yes. However, he mentioned that he would opt for a carbon moly frame for added rigidity and perhaps even venture into fitting a 12-cylinder engine, law permitting.

Canute's road-legal Porsche 917 is more than just a car; it's a testament to what can be achieved with passion, skill, and a little bit of outlaw spirit. It may not be an original Porsche 917, but it's the closest most of us will ever get to driving one. And for that, we owe Canute a big thank you.

So, if you ever find yourself cruising through the stunning fjords and mountain roads of Norway, keep an eye out for this incredible machine. It's a sight—and sound—you won't want to miss.


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