R32 Skyline GT-R built for offroad racing

Youtuber Adam Lz builds a safari-inspired R32 GT-R, capable of clearing jumps and demolishing rally stages

The Nissan Skyline GT-R has been used for all kinds of motorsport in its decades in modified car culture, from dominating the circuit, drag strip, roll racing and becoming a notorious street demon.

One form most would never have pictured the sleek, low-slung Japanese sports car taking on is clearing massive jumps and hammering down dirt rally stages. 

A man who decided to see what that would look like is professional motorsports driver and YouTuber Adam Lz. Best known for his love of Japanese cars and drifting, he decided to build an R32 GT-R offroad racer inspired by the Porsche 911 Safari specials which have been around since the 70s.

If you’re worried Adam took a mint R32 and ruined it by jacking it up slightly, then fear not. Adam sourced a pretty bare shell from his mate and GT-R restorer Tom Farrell (TommyFYeah on YouTube) as the base for the project. 

The car was put back together with a spare RB26 Adam had, now converted to single turbo. It made a peak of 525awhp on 22psi with ethanol. The factory 4WD system and five-speed manual were perfect for basic rally driving, with an adjustable knob installed in the car for front and rear bias control for the 4WD system. 

As for raising the car, that was actually quite a simple process. Adam had some BC coilovers custom spec’d to be one to two inches taller than factory height, and some all terrain tyres for an overall lift. And yes, those are genuine Nismo LMGT2s.

With a green wrap job, a bash bar and some spot lights, the Safari GT-R was born. Adam has already been busy thrashing this thing, taking it to the snow, fanging in the dirt and even jumping it off a metal ramp at his compound.

Words by Kian Heagney


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