Ford Teams Unite Over Supercars Parity Concerns Ahead of Bathurst 1000

Ford Supercars teams have come together voicing their concerns over the underlying parity issues between the Mustang and Camaro Supercar ahead of the Bathurst 1000 this weekend.

The Ford Supercars teams are voicing collective disappointment over the perceived inequities concerning the Mustang's aero package leading up to the much-anticipated Bathurst 1000 race. Tensions have escalated amid concerns that Chevrolet's Camaro package is much further ahead than the respective Ford teams, which goes against the spirit of the current Supercars regulations.

These worries have escalated since the debut race earlier in the year, and Ford and its five teams have sought amendments to the Mustang’s aerodynamic package. These proposed alterations fall outside of the standard parity review process, which meant that they actually needed a nod from the Chevrolet contingents for the change. As expected, the GM running teams dismissed the suggested modifications.

Such a standoff could have led to potential speculations about a Ford boycott, especially during the inaugural practice session as a sign of dissent. However, these rumblings were put to rest with a unanimous statement from the Ford teams.

The statement said, "It’s been recognized, through comprehensive assessments by Supercars and their independent CFD ally, D2H Group, that the Gen3 Ford Mustang is yet to achieve parity with the Chevrolet Camaro."

Ford’s concerns revolve around the findings that indicate a continued disadvantage for the Mustang during the most significant race event of the calendar. They consider this imbalance as incongruous with the foundational principles of the sport.

The Ford teams were candid in expressing their dissatisfaction, emphasizing the importance of the Bathurst 1000 race. "Our main objective this weekend is to give our best performance – for our fans, our partners, and in honor of the legacy of the Great Race," they expressed.

While the focus remains on the upcoming challenges at the Bathurst 1000, Ford teams pledge to join hands to address the disparity in future races, ensuring that the spirit of fair competition remains intact.


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