Did you know that Mad Mike is building a Rotary powered McLaren?

Two New Zealand motorsport legends are coming together, and it's going to be noisy.
Mad Mike is building a Rotary powered McLaren

Mad Mike Whiddett may be the man single handedly keeping the Mazda rotary aftermarket alive as he adds to his fleet of Dorito-powered drift cars at an increasingly rapid rate, and while it seems like he only just ripped the covers off his FURSTY RX3-fronted wagon destined to compete in the D1GP, he’s been teasing fans with progress of his next project - a McLaren P1 GTR that he’s donning ‘MADMAC’.

The car was prepped by British McLaren specialists Lanzante, before being airfreighted across the world to Mad Mike’s New Zealand based warehouse where he began teasing images on to his social channels in late March. He soon announced that they had 100 days to complete the project in order to debut it at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The P1 is already a fairly attention grabbing car so we can’t envisage Whiddett altering the looks with his trademarked wide bodykits or overfenders, but it’s a safe bet that the car will be sporting upgraded wheels and a wild livery to bring it in line with the rest of the fleet. 

Most interesting, Whiddett also caved to community pressure and confirmed that they will indeed be rotary-swapping the P1, which may very well make it the world’s only engine swapped McLaren?


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