Aussie Sports Stars Who Love Cars

It’s easy enough to imagine what bonafide rev heads would do with the trappings of fame that come along with being a high profile sports star - we’d be taking the money we’ve earnt and ticking cars off our bucket list!

The news cycle is awash with sports stars behaving badly with their handsome pay packets, and every now and then you’ll hear about a player who struck it lucky and invested in real estate, or backed a small start up that went on to return handsomely.

None of that interests us though - we want to know which Aussie sports stars have a penchant for horsepower, and are sinking their personal wealth in to collectible cars!

Big Baz is a well-documented rev-head, and has attended several Summernats behind the wheel of various muscle cars from the Rod Shop stable. He’s relocated to the Gold Coast in the wake of his footy career and tinkers with some pretty cool iron up there - everything from big-block powered Holdens to a tough XR Falcon and even a twin-turbo Camaro! Check out Barry Hall’s All Automotive on social.

Aussie basketballer-turned-podcaster Andrew Bogut once admitted that he probably had more cars in his collection than he did mates, and that’s saying something because Bogues is a pretty likable guy! With a steady stream of money coming in from his NBA contracts cover the years, Bogut has amassed a fairly stout looking garage, including an enviable collection of some of Holden and HSV’s most drool-worthy builds.

Whatever you think of the Bad Boy of Australia Tennis and his antics on the court, when it comes to his taste in cars he’s far less divisive. Kyrgios has invested some of his pro’ tennis winnings in to a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon that shares garage space with an R35 GT-R, as well as a Tesla Model X which would be the most nondescript vehicle in the fleet, if it weren’t wrapped in bright matte green.

Smith really arrived on the national radar in 2022, when the late-20-year-old, mulleted golfer had his best season on record, netting a slew of victories and taking home the PGA Player of the Year Award. The young Aussie’s Jakcsonville compound is home to a few of his toys - obviously his US residency necessitated the purchase of a giant Ford F-truck, but his daily is an Audi RS6 wagon and the jewel in the crown is an R35 GT-R, which he’s had modified to make a claimed 1300hp! He admitted to PGA Memes on YouTube that there might also be a Porsche 911 GT3 in his future.

OK so he’s technically not an Aussie, but given the amount of seat time he got in the V8 Supercars Championship over the years we’re awarding SVG honorary status - partly due to ability to drive the wheels off just about any car he gets in to, but thanks also to his stellar taste in cars. The Giz’ proudly wheels around a brand spanker Chevy Silverado throughout the week, and this sweet, retro’ 1967 F100 truck on the weekends.


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