Advantages Of Becoming A Seller

Performance Garage is the number one marketplace in Australia for performance car & 4WD parts, stocking millions spare parts, from 100's of manufacturers, importers, and retailers from all over the world.

We'll Open The Door

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Benefits Of A Marketplace

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How Much Does It Cost?

Performance Garage offers a host of plans to suit all budgets and all business sizes. From a local manufacturer with ten products to large enterprises with thousands of products - there will be a plan to suit.

Seller Plans

The Platinum Plan lends itself, but not specifically, to large retailers or importers who may stock 100's or even 1000's of products. On this plan you are entitled to an unlimited amount of products and revenue is uncapped. There is a fee of $0.05 and 9.5% per transaction, you may feature monthly as a featured seller and will have your own Seller Website. This means that, if your business name was Acme Inc, you would have a specific mini-website that sits within Performance Garage that would become On this page you have your own categories, as many products as you like, you can even do a specific About Us page & logo. MORE NEEDED HERE

The Gold Plan 

The Silver Plan

The Bronze Plan

The Free Plan

How Much Does It Cost?