Valve Springs

Valve springs come in different styles and each one delivers a different level of performance. This commonly overlooked automotive performance part come in different heights, diameter, and spring pressure and rate.  When replacing valve springs, it is recommended that you first understand the spring specifications to avoid incurring damage to the valvetrain.

Engine experts recommend valve springs replacement when such part have lost 10% or more of its original tension. Choose valve springs that match the entire valve train – one that will fit the cylinder head and won’t interfere with other moving parts.

Performance Garage offers you a large selection of high quality, precision valve springs and components that you can use to increase engine efficiency, reduce carbon emission, minimise valve bounce, and reduce valvetrain wear. Shop for dual springs for a high-revving engine. Shop for valve spring retainers and valve spring shims to fine tune spring height and pressure.

Shop at Performance Garage for all your valve spring needs.

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