Seperators & Ignition Leeds

Performance Garage brings you the best electrical components for better throttle response and improved engine performance. Your ride will definitely benefit from these high performance ignition leads.

The ignition lead is what connects the spark plug to the ignition coil. These leads transmit voltage to wherever it is necessary. In general, standard ignition leads of street-tuned cars come with 7 to 8mm core size but high performance leads are designed with up to 8.5mm core size. As such, high performance ignition leads are meant to last longer, are better made, and are expected to facilitate equal sparks.

Performance Garage carries a variety of ignition cables for your performance car and even for regular road cars. The separators and ignition leads we offer are regarded for their durability, reliability and excellent conduction. Expect these spark plug wires to maintain the appropriate spark for more miles and years compared with standard ignition lead sets. 

Shop now and get your ignition lead set replaced for better performance.

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