Racing Seats & Hardware

Planning to put your car on a race course? Make sure you equip it with the right equipment. Shop at Performance Garage for racing seats and hardware that will not only add a decorative flair to your ride but also ensure your protection and safety.

Compared with usual automotive vehicle seats, a racecar seat is a detailed and functional hardware particularly designed with strict requirements. Shop at Performance Garage for heavily bolstered racing seats with a specific build that will provide protection against impacts, whiplash, and even fire.

The components you need for properly mounting racing seats are likewise available at Performance Garage at reasonable prices. Looking for other racing seat hardware and accessories? Our large selection of aftermarket performance products also includes restraints or seatbelts, safety nets, mounting sets, bolts and other aluminium hardware.

Shop now at Performance Garage and conveniently find the components and parts you need that will allow you to show off your ride inside and out. 

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