Oils & Additives

Performance Garage brings you real solutions to further enhance engine performance. Part of our wide selection of aftermarket performance parts and essentials are Oils and Additives prepared to bring proven value to engine operation.

We only offer high-quality additives and most of them are designed for specific purposes. These additives are added to a base oil to enhance a desirable property or to solve a problem. There are additives that prevent gasket leaks and keep engines clean. There are also additives that clean fuel injectors and fuel tanks. Additives may also help prevent corrosion and formation of deposits. With these additives, motor oil can fulfill its essential function better.

Get the right aftermarket additive to restore performance in older engines, enhance a lubricating oil’s performance, or protect the fuel system. These additives are tested in laboratories and in the field. Shop now and get improved oil performance between oil changes.

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