Responsible for evenly distributing the combustion mixture to each port in the cylinder head, the intake manifold is a functional component of an engine. This part is subjected to heat and pressure strain so expect it to crack and get damaged in time. Replacing it is the better option than DIY-fixing the crack. Performance Garage has an assortment of manifolds to suit your vehicle’s specification. We also carry a good selection of performance intake manifolds.

Replacing your factory manifold with the latest aftermarket manifold allows you to enjoy an increase in torque and horsepower because it is designed and contoured to suit the rest of your engine modifications. Performance manifolds come with state-of-the-art design and are available in different forms and sizes to fit different engines.

Get the most from your engine with the appropriate intake manifold.  Shop at Performance Garage for the perfect manifold that suits your needs. We also have performance gaskets and mounting bolt kits – just what you need for a seamless installation. 

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