Custom Seats

What do you need for a cool and comfy ride? A custom seat, of course. Shop at Performance Garage for racing seats, suspension seats, sport seats and classic seats to provide you with ultimate comfort on and off road. Choose from our wide variety of seats that will keep you firmly in place and add a touch of luxury to your priced vehicle.

Whatever type of driver you are, you’re sure to find the best seat that will give you a high-performance hold. Whether you want one with a dual reclining sports race seat or one with an ergonomic body plus slim shoulders, we can help you get the perfect seat for a comfortable, enjoyable, and safe ride.

All the seats we offer pass the necessary safety standard tests. We only stock performance seats that will protect drivers in any scene, be it on public roads or circuits.

Looking for other accessories designed for high-performance driving? Check out our full product inventory and find low-priced aftermarket performance parts and components.

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