Brake Pads

Buying the most expensive brake pad won’t assure you of the best braking performance. What you need to do is identify and select the one that best fits the driving application. Brake pads typically come in three classes: street performance, race performance, and extreme performance. Each class is designed to provide the perfect stopping power for the designed application.

Performance Garage stocks a wide variety of brake pads to suit varying needs. Choose among soft, medium, and hard metallic compositions. Shop for brake pads for front brake kits and rear applications.

Replacement of brake pads is one of the expected maintenance works for vehicles. Brake pads wear out because of use and it’s crucial that you get it replaced when necessary. Upgrade to high performance brake pad isn’t necessary for day-to-day driving but it could be very helpful and can be deemed worth it for better performance at the track.

Whatever reason you have for getting new brake pads, remember to consider one that will perform well under any weather condition and will fit your driving style. Shop at Performance Garage and find the perfect brake pads that will meet your needs.

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