Brake Cables

Looking for high quality auto cables? You’ve come to the right place. Shop at Performance Garage and enjoy an access to a wide range of car parts and accessories including brake cables. We understand that handbrake cable layouts vary from car to car so we stock a large selection of brake cables for different car models. 

Brake cables are important parts of a vehicle and they will need regular checking and adjustment as they stretch slightly with use. If you notice fraying cables and cracks on the outer casing, you will have to get your brake cables replaced. Fraying cables have a tendency to break while cracks allow water to enter and cause rusting.

Shop at Performance Garage and find the replacement or aftermarket cables that are compatible with your vehicle. You may also want to get split pins and spring clips and renew them at the same time. Performance Garage offers car parts, components, spares and accessories made from superior quality materials. With all our products priced reasonably, you’d surely be able to complete any repair or upgrade project within budget. 

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