Alternators & Brackets

Performance Garage has a large selection of high-performance alternators and brackets from the best brands and manufacturers. Shop here and get auto parts, components and accessories at low, low prices. From heavy duty pressed steel alternator bracket to lightweight alternator and bracket conversion kits, we have what you need and they’re all available at budget-friendly costs.

The alternator bracket is what supports the alternator to keep it stable and steady while the vehicle is running. But since it’s under the hood, this part is subjected to heat, pressure and wear and tear. Although manufactured to be sturdy, durable and capable of withstanding harsh conditions, regular use can take a toll on its strength. Replacing a weak bracket is a must.

When getting a new alternator bracket, you have the option to get a universal or a direct-fit alternator bracket. The latter is ideal for a perfect match with the alternator in your auto. For the design, there is a mid-mount and a high-mount bracket. The design to choose will depend on the specific type of alternator and its location. 

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