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No matter the car model, regardless if you’re a workshop or a DIY-er, you can find the parts you need at Performance Garage.

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Buy the best online car parts today at very affordable prices. Order now and we will get what you need delivered to you in just a few business days. We’ll ship directly to your door. If waiting isn’t your thing, we offer overnight shipping as well. Performance Garage ships auto replacement parts all over Australia.

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The Marketplace for Car Enthusiasts

Performance Garage is a reputable marketplace for automotive parts and accessories. As a leading vendor of car spare and aftermarket parts in Australia, we’re certain we can meet and even exceed your expectations. We take great pride in how we work in providing our customers with access to thousands of OEM and aftermarket car parts.  

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Performance Garage is the online store you can trust for all your car parts needs.

High Quality Auto Parts at Unbeatable Prices

As an automobile spare parts specialist, we know where to source the best aftermarket products. We strive to always be a step ahead of the competition by keeping ourselves up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry. With our experts’ passion for cars and our business’ goal to deliver top quality products, we have set the standard in the automobile aftermarket industry.

Let us help you make sure your ride is looking and running at its best. We make sure our customers get the right automobile parts at reasonable prices.